Engrafted Word Outreach Ministries has a Life Skills development program in which we provide tools to help assist those in need of the following category:
We provide assistance to participants in the completion of the General Education Diploma, resumes, interview skills, and finding help for housing.
  • Financial Skills- Money management, How to save, budget and be good stewards over what God blesses you with in your financial resources.
  • Housing- Resources to help find etiquette housing.
  • Substance abuse help- Provide resources for those who would like to be free from drug abuse. This include counseling, interceding in prayer on the individuals behalf.
  • Career Development- Job readiness help, Provide training on how to conduct yourself in interviews, resume development assistance, what to wear and what not to wear when looking for employment,  and how to apply for the job.
  • Anger Management- Provide resources for how to help manage your anger, workshops and classes on coping skills, and provide mentor-ship if needed.
  • Computer Skills- An instructor will teach typing, and will teach the basics of using an computer.

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