"Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies."
-Proverb 31:10


This Ministry is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. We host events throughout the year in the Cincinnati area. Our activities and events include a prayer line, retreats, annual health fair and conferences. Our members come from all over the Greater Cincinnati area and even a far to help celebrate with us. We teach and will distribute literature that will stimulate mental awareness of the different challenges that affect the young women and offer alternatives to combat these problems.

Annual Health & Wellness Fair (Spring Time)

The purpose of our annual Health Fair is to promote and inform distressed and at-risk populations about the importance of good health. We encourage preventive lifestyles, healthy eating and exercise. Officially labeled the "Spring Evangelical Outreach", we will often provide a health-mobile on hand to offer blood pressure, diabetes, and stress screenings. Information is provided on high blood pressure, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, etc. Attendees have an opportunity to discuss their health concerns with medical professionals that are on hand. We are proud of our efforts to inform citizens about good health because many cannot afford medical attention and this health fair serves a portal of vital information.

Annual Retreat in May- (COMING SOON!)
Each year in May, we will set aside three (3) days and two (2) nights for our members to let go and let God take control of our lives. This is a time of reflection and renewal. This could eventually extend to a week long event in the future. We look forward to this event each year as we journey to the mountains to rejoice, rejuvenate and restore. When we set aside time to praise God, great blessings come down.We will anticipate the Women to have a newness in their attitudes after attending this event and that is what we seek. We will give them so much information and resources while there. Attendees will have a round table discussing and prayer  while there, so that during rough times, each person will have the opportunity to get prayer. This helps to remind them that though, the retreat ends, the network of spiritual friendship continues throughout the year.  Everyone leaves spiritually-filled.
Annual Seminar- This will vary within the year

Each year we will host seminars to educate women on a variety of topics. These seminars will include vendors as well. Topics can be related to  spiritual battles, wellness, finances, motherhood, wife duty's, and more. The purpose of the seminars is to teach, encourage, motivate, and inspire women throughout the Cincinnati area.

Our Mission

To exalt the name of Jesus Christ by empowering women through effective prayer, praise, intimate worship, Bible Study and loving fellowship. To model virtuous behavior (compassion, kindness, humility, patience, self-discipline, respect, truthfulness, goodness, faithfulness, and love). To know that everything, good or bad, that we will trust and honor God.

Our Vision

 To help young women who need professional etiquette, how to take care of the body, skills for motherhood/Wife, job skills and training, Life skills and mentoring. We want to teach them about God, but also teach them how to present themselves professionally and appropriately. 

Who is this ministry branch for?

This ministry is a branch of Engrafted Word Outreach Ministry For women between the ages of 16 years of age and older. I Am That Virtuous Women Ministry cultivates relationships, creates a level of trust demonstrates love, shows sensitivity and a genuine concern for women's need: the ministry nurtures and serves women both young and old. I Am That Virtuous Women Ministry instructs women from the Bible to come to know the Lord better, which will help them to recognize God's will for their lives.

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